How to Choose a Hair Stylist

Hello! We are looking for a hair stylist who can design hair for children, adults and the elderly, we want someone who can meet our challenging needs and offer the best possible hair results. What I want for my hair is a style that looks good and feels good on my daughter, so primary is the design to be stylish, complementing and creates a lasting style. A style that they can feel confident and comfortable wearing every day.

We believe the keys to determining our final cut and style results are: 1) Ask the client what her expectations are, if they are less specific – they are a plus for us as you will learn a lot more from your first haircut. 2) If they are specific – if they give you an example of what they want, feel free to rethink your style at this point. 3) Make some changes which you can demonstrate to yourself and your customer, like changing a pattern or adding extra clips or a different part to the design. So ask here…do you want a chin curtain or an example of what look you are going for. A small amount of extra details at this stage will only wind up working in your favour in the end.

OK so, first things first…we need to define the term "Design". We use this term to mean that someone who can come up with a design that sells just that one piece, say if you want to design a new way ofihuying which has a different feel from all the other designs out there. But the only people who can realise this – are the designers. All other designers are just like slave to fashion. They just follow what is in, try to sell the same style – but they all end up affected by the style that they don't own. So in our minds, if it doesn't come from you, it is unlikely to leave you with double eyebrows raised high.

So how and where will the jeggings "come out"? My theory at this stage, is that you will find constant images and pictures of females wearing the 'jean itch', trying to buck this trend off, trying to find new alternatives to the jeans…so the cycle will keep on going until the masses wake up and run a marathon, in an effort to rid themselves of the fashion sense, and replace it with a more comfortable approach, and once the dust has settled – you will once again find the fashion trench!

Designer jeans are great so long as they don't make you too uncomfortable. It should be pretty obvious by now, but no, you don't need to have a $500 jeans budget to get the right pair of designer jeans. Just $100 and change of clothes will do…so that's it – just grow your hair, change your name, and you will have pair of jeans that you have had since before high school. Just remember ZOE Monk, and those amazing, amazing, amazing, pants.

oh, and one other clothing related point – the bigger the better, in most cases, although obviously that's unless you are a gym comedian who is constantly beating the pants off new people, then that concept goes diamardless of your size – but, you get the point

So, drop the attitude, change your name, get a little crazy, go to a shrink, get a new look – just be happy with what you have and who you are, because if you don't, you really, really don't have anything to lose.